Work With A Professional Medical Waste Disposal Agency

1237094_435716336545333_2061042340_nIf you are looking for an agency that provides medical waste removal in the Virginia  area, then Secure Waste Incorporated is the right place for you. The agencies have  been providing medical waste disposal  as well as sharp waste disposal in Virginia since 2001. Secure Waste Inc. dispose about 250 thousand pounds of medical waste yearly. The medical waste is generated by hospitals, dental clinic, blood banks, and veterinary clinics, as well as medical research laboratories.



Despite the growing number of waste removal agencies in and around Virginia area, the Secure Waste Inc is still one of the most reliable names for medical waste removal. The company sticks to its commitment to the highest standards of collection, transportation, and disposal of regulated medical waste. The safety of our clients, as well as the environment, is our prime concern. Hence, we implement methods and services that allow us to deliver flawless services.

We specialize in clinical medical waste, sharp waste, pathological waste, chemotherapy waste, pharmaceutical  waste and hazardous waste.

We provide customized cleaning packages suiting the client’s needs. We consider all the factors while designing a quote for the clients. Our purpose is to deliver quality service at affordable price.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your area.


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