What is sharps waste and sharps waste disposal?

https://magic.piktochart.com/output/12609015-sharps-disposal-marylandSharps waste is a kind of biological waste made of used sharps, which includes any device or objects used to puncture or lacerate the skin. It is categorized as the most hazardous waste and must be carefully managed. Some of the common examples of sharps waste include syringes and injections, blades, contaminated glass and some plastics.


Alike the typical bio hazardous waste, the disposal of sharps waste has become absolutely necessary. Avoid this can lead to the spread of a health hazard to the well-being of the healthcare employees as well as general public. As this waste can contain infectious materials such as blood, it is considered as highly sensitive and a professional company should be chosen who is dedicate involved in sharps waste disposal.


Sources of this hazardous waste, such as health care providers, laboratories and hospitals have a huge liability to appropriately treat and dispose of these wastes either by their own resources or by taking the assistance of medical waste disposal companies. Of importance specially is that the waste material should be properly packed and labelled to avert exposure that may cause injury and/ or health hazard.

With governments all across the word paying too much focus on this kind of waste disposal, many companies have come up with revolutionary ways to tackle this menace. However, labs must take care to check that solutions containing large amount of blood must not be disinfected to prevent clot formation in pipes.

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