Sharps Disposal in Washington – Why it is imperative?

Sharps waste is a kind of waste composed of sharps, which refers to any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin. It is considered as biohazardous waste and must be carefully manged. Some of the common examples of sharps waste include syringes & injection devices, blades, and contaminated glass & plastics. Now you can easily understand how dangerous this kind of waste is and why it is much needed to set a healthy &rich environment.

Establishments such as hospitals, clinics, and other smaller businesses generating sharps need to contact dedicated companies involved in medical waste disposal in Washington. Businesses generating small amounts of sharps waste may find mail-back services to be most cost-effective compared to contracting with an authorized medical waste transporter.


Improper sharps disposal tends to affect janitors, maids, pest control workers, groundskeepers, waste management workers, and children or household pets among others. It is the responsibility of each & every individual involved in this industry to make sure that the hazardous medical waste is disposed off properly. Nowadays, there are several advanced technologies out in the market that allow for safest & proper sharps disposal in Washington.

These companies provide a range of UN approved colour coded sharps disposal bins and a waste collection service that allows people to safely and legally dispose of all medical sharps paraphernalia; including hypodermic syringes and scalpels. No matter whether you’re a small facility or a large one, medical waste disposal should be an inherent part of your activity.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your area.


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