The Acute Need Of Sharps Waste Disposal In Virginia

When it comes to classify medical waste, sharps waste has been considered as the most dangerous type of waste that needs precise handling and disposal. With the increasing scope of healthcare services all across the world, the same momentum is needed for medical waste disposal in Virginia. It is extremely necessary as the disposal should be in line with the economic recovery and healthcare reforms. Waste can be categorized into 10 waste streams of which 80 percent are highly regulated. Regulated medical waste (RMW) and hazardous waste, including pharmaceutical waste, are examples.

At each step of waste disposal, there needs to be extreme care in regard to the handling of this waste. And there are dedicated companies involved into the management of such waste. For example, staff handling this kind of waste is properly trained and this is seriously a necessary step.


Contemplation for sharps waste management is a service provider that confirms a decline in needle stick, sharp injuries and associated costs. The CDC estimates that approximately 385,000 needle stick and sharps-related injuries still occurs every year in hospital premises. In order to ensure quickest and safest medical waste disposal in Virginia, respective authorities carry out sudden inspection of these waste management facilities from time to time.

These companies are largely responsible for ensuring that waste is:

  • Properly segregated
  • Stored securely and strongly away from areas of public access within the premises
  • Packaged correctly for transport
  • Described correctly and fully on the accompanying documentation when removed
  • Transferred to an Authorized Person for transport to an authorized waste site
  • Appropriately registered, with necessary records and returns at premises.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your area.


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