What Does Medical Waste Mean And Why It Is Harmful For Society?

In general, medical waste refers to the waste generated from healthcare facilities and includes blood soaked cotton pads, syringes, medicines, swabs, blood samples, body parts, needles and other medical equipment. Many times, this waste is also referred as biohazard waste. And their disposal is needed not only for the betterment of society but also to avoid regulatory fines.

Medical waste must be correctly managed, contained, stored, shipped and cured in accordance with all regional, state, and federal regulations. This is why healthcare facilities work in close cooperation with biohazard waste disposal companies in North Carolina. This practice provides compliant systems and ensures regulatory compliance.


And it is much needed to count on a reputed company working in this domain so as to ensure timely and proper disposal of biohazard waste generated from various sources. In case where large amount of waste is generated, these companies also provide pickup services. This modified service model permits these companies to match the right service to each location, resulting in cost-effective and efficient waste management programs.

As this waste is risky for handlers too, this waste needs to be collected, stored, treated and disposed of using practices that minimize spill and exposure risk for lab personnel, service workers and the general public. The main categories of this waste are Sharps, Liquid Biowaste, Solid Biowaste, and Tissue Biowaste. And companies resort of various disposal methods for the treatment of this waste.

The selection of a particular method actually depends on the type of waste being treated and the disposal guideline from the respective governing authority.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your area.


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